10 de gener de 2003

V e n e z u e l a ' s
v i e w
f r o m
I r e l a n d

From "Republican News"

On the other hand, in Venezuela, the big
business, the rich, the
right and the United States are still trying to
democratically elected president Hugo Chavez, as
they disagree
with policies directed to share the wealth of
the oil and emerald
producing country. So, the so-called strike -
really, lockouts,
as employers are denying workers the access to
their workplace -
continues, crippling the already damaged
Venezuelan economy. The
opposition wants Chavez to resign, but the
majority of Venezuelan
people - these are the unemployed, the workers
and the poor -
want him to stay. Chavez has promised a new
referendum to allow
people to decide whether they want early
presidential elections.
However, this does not seem to satisfy the
opposition, who will
happily go for another coup.

Chavez survived a coup attempt in April 2002,
when some elements
within the army supported the big business in
their push against
the president. Chavez was detained and the
president of the
Business Federation, Carmona, took over the
country with an
intention to impose a reign of repression and
terror on Chavez
supporters. However, his presidency only lasted
48 hours, as the
army and people united to bring Chavez back.

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