19 de juliol de 2002

T o r na
e l
b o s s !

Segons la discogràfica, es confirma un concert en Barcelona entre el 14 i el 20 d'octubre

Ha tornat a gravar amb l'E-street band al complet des del Born In The USA al 1984. Que que han fotut aquests nois durant tant de temps? Aqui el teniu, des del New York Times

July 14, 2002
Life on E Street: From Sessions to `The Sopranos'
hough "The Rising" is Bruce Springsteen's first studio recording with the E Street Band in 15 years, the makeup of the group has changed little over time. Some members have been with Mr. Springsteen since the beginning of his career. Here are its current members and sketches of what they've been doing.

ROY BITTAN Keyboards. Extensive session work, for David Bowie, Tracy Chapman, Celine Dion, Meat Loaf and others. Lives in New York City and Malibu, Calif.

CLARENCE CLEMONS Saxophone, vocals. Has made five solo albums since 1983. A duet with Jackson Browne, "You're a Friend of Mine," was a hit in 1985. Played with Bill Clinton at his Inaugural ball in 1993, backed by members of the E Street Band. Most recent release is an instrumental album, "Peacemaker," in 1995. Lives in Boynton Beach, Fla.

DANNY FEDERICI Organ, keyboards. Played in numerous bands with Mr. Springsteen in the late 1960's and early 70's, including the backup group that became the E Street Band. Made a solo album, "Flemington," in 1997. Lives in Los Angeles.

NILS LOFGREN Guitar. A well-known musician who had played with Neil Young in the 70's, Mr. Lofgren replaced Steve Van Zandt in the E Street Band in 1984. Has made more than a dozen solo albums, including his most recent, "Breakaway Angel," released this year on the Vision Music label. Lives in Scottsdale, Ariz.

PATTI SCIALFA Vocals, guitar. Backup singer who joined the group for the "Born in the U.S.A." tour in 1984 and married Mr. Springsteen in 1991. Released a solo album, "Rumble Doll," in 1993.

GARRY TALLENT Bass. Active session player, for Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Southside Johnny and others. Also produced albums by Steve Forbert, Southside Johnny and Duane Jarvis. Lives in Nashville.

STEVE VAN ZANDT (a k a LITTLE STEVEN) Guitar, vocals. Played with Mr. Springsteen in early groups and joined the E Street Band in 1975. Left by 1984 to pursue solo efforts, including Artists United Against Apartheid, whose theme song, "Sun City" — written by Van Zandt — became a Top 40 single in 1985. Plays Silvio Dante on "The Sopranos" on HBO and has a nationally syndicated radio show, "Little Steven's Underground Garage." Lives in New York.

MAX WEINBERG Drums. Bandleader on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on NBC since 1993. His group, the Max Weinberg 7, released an album in 2000. Lives in Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

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Declaració de l'IRA oferint les seves disculpes i condolències als familiars de les "víctimes no combatents" que han causat:

A statement from the leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann [IRA] was received by An Phoblacht this Tuesday afternoon.

The following is the full text of the statement.


"Sunday 21 July marks the 30th anniversary of an IRA operation in Belfast in 1972 which resulted in nine people
being killed and many more injured.

While it was not our intention to injure or kill non-combatants, the reality is that on this and on a number of
other occasions, that was the consequence of our actions.

It is, therefore, appropriate on the anniversary of this tragic event, that we address all of the deaths and
injuries of non-combatants caused by us. We offer our sincere apologies and condolences to their families.

There have been fatalities amongst combatants on all sides. We also acknowledge the grief and pain of their

The future will not be found in denying collective failures and mistakes or closing minds and hearts to the
plight of those who have been hurt. That includes all of the victims of the conflict, combatants and non-combatants.

It will not be achieved by creating a hierarchy of victims in which some are deemed more or less worthy than

The process of conflict resolution requires the equal acknowledgement of the grief and loss of others.

On this anniversary, we are endeavouring to fulfil this responsibility to those we have hurt.

The IRA is committed unequivocally to the search for freedom, justice and peace in Ireland. We remain totally
committed to the peace process and to dealing with the challenges and difficulties which this presents. This includes the
acceptance of past mistakes and of the hurt and pain we have caused to others."

P O'Neill,
Irish Republican Publicity Bureau